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Swedish Massage

A nurturing and relaxing experience for the nerves and muscles. Classic European techniques are used to gently enhance circulation, improve skin and muscle tone and cleanse toxins from the body.

1 hour-$135   75 min-$155  90 min-$180

Deep Tissue Massage

A slower massage using thumbs, elbows, forearms and pressure points to release and lengthen the muscles.

1 hour-$145  75 min-$165   90 min-$190

East-West Combo

Utilizing oriental pressure point techniques for relieving tension in combination with the soothing benefits of a Swedish massage.         

1 hour-$145   75 min-$165    90 min-$190


Massage modalities:

Swedish, deep tissue, pressure point, sports, therapeutic and intuitive



European Facial

This rejuvenating and very relaxing facial places special emphasis on cleansing, exfoliation, a hydrating facial massage and mask.

 1 hour-$145    75 min-$165    90 min-$190

Pure Collagen Facial

This revitalizing facial is designed to oxygenate and moisturize the skin at the deepest levels. The skin is cleansed, exfoliated, and treated with a 100% pure collagen film mask. Includes a soothing hand and foot massage. 

1 hour-$155  75 min-$175   90 min-$210


Specialty Treatments

Massage Facial Combo

You can experience it all. This luxurious treatment combines a massage of your choice with a European Facial to leave you feeling stress free and complete.

1 hour-$145    75 min-$165    90 min-$190


Pre-Natal Massage

A gentle massage for mother and baby that helps relieve lower back pain, eases water retention and relaxes head to toe.

1 hour-$145    75 min- $165   90 min-$190

Head and Shoulder Massage

This treatment provides a deeply relaxing scalp, neck and shoulder massage rejuvenating and releasing stress. A foot massage can be included if you wish. 

  1 hour-$135                        75 min-$165

   Foot Massage (Reflexology)

 30 min-$70                         1 hour-$135


       F00t and Hand Massage

 30 min-$70                         1 hour- $135


*Out of town, last minute and evening appointments could be subject to an increased fee

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